A Review of 2015 – Onward & Upward

*This letter was written on 12/31/2015 

I would be lying if I said that I am ready for 2016 because this past year went way too quickly.  (I know, a complete cliche.)  To welcome the new year, I am happily writing this note while watching Dope, drinking apple cider, and sitting next to the heater wrapped in 3 blankets.  I have never been the party animal and could barely stay awake past midnight in college; therefore, my homebody self is super elated to just watch Diggy get prayed over, and listen to Awreeoh jam in the middle of the street while heavily medicating myself on gallons of apple cinnamon spices. My type A personality stops me from creating impossible resolutions each year and I refuse to start 2016 with a long list of “shoulda, coulda, wouldas”.  In an effort to be positive, candid, and completely realistic, I will finish the last hours of this year thinking about tangible ways in which 2016 can be better than the year before.

Firstly, 2015 was the year of ownership.  This is the first year I officially owned my accomplishments and was proud of the progress I have made.  It is so easy to always focus on the negative and use the Facebook newsfeed as a reminder of all your friends achievements. This year I learned that is necessary to celebrate your milestones!

Secondly, I experienced the negative impact of completing the Year of Yes challenge. While I always follow the laws of Ms. Shonda, I am currently not in the mental or emotional state to say “yes” to everything! Sleep is very important and I did not get enough of it.  Starting today, I will not willingly say “Yes!” to everything.  It is so easy to sacrifice your health for your ambition, but this habit is not sustainable. Health of Lexi B = Priority #1, “Errbody Else” = Priority #2.

Lastly,  read more.  Reading has always been the thing that keeps me calm and getting wrapped up in a Toni Morrison classic reminds me why I love storytelling. Maybe the issue is that we always equate adulthood to all work and no play.  But there needs to be a balance and I am committed to finding a balance, at least for Toni.  I will do anything for Toni.

I am so excited what this year has to offer for Grown Up Truth and our readers! Regardless of your resolutions, make yourself a priority and always look for the balance.  Continue to revolutionize your industries and stay connected with your loved ones.

Do You

Much Love,
Lexi B.








Author: Lexi Butler

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