Album Review: The Revolution Has Come

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 6.47.24 PMWhen I received news that one of our Diary of A Young Pros helped develop, produce, and write a whole album dedicated to the empowerment of her people, I had to listen. The Revolution Has Come proved to be everything I needed and wanted during a long day at the office as I contemplated my future in this country as a proud Black American woman.  I have never been scared of what lies ahead, but I am sometimes question if my actions on this online platform make enough impact to actually change the course of history for my children and grandchildren.

But listening to the sounds and rhythms of Rev. Sekou & The Holy Ghost instantly changed my perspective.  The first song, “We Comin'”, is 6 minutes of perfection that takes me back to my grandparents Southern roots of juke joints and Sunday gospel rituals.  With a mix of funk, blues, negro spiritual type soul, and a sprinkle of modern RnB, “We Comin'” reminds us all of our purpose in the world – to live powerfully, speak loudly, and dream vividly.

As a music lover of the classics, it is sometimes difficult to find new music that not only speaks to me emotionally but also hits the depths of my soul that rarely receive attention.  In order to understand my experience in today’s society as a Black millennial living in world that is arguably as racially segregated as the 1960’s, you need to hear music that evokes the varied emotions that I feel each day.  Rev. Sekou does just this with this song and this album.Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 4.19.53 AM

Fast forward to the rest of this musical journey:  We have “Sanctified” which eloquently describes the essence and beauty of a Black woman, something that many of today’s music refuses to acknowledge. The over sexualization of the minority woman has been a historical tradition that still finds its way into mainstream music today.  But Rev. Sekou silences this representation with this one line: “She is fire baptized and Holy ghost filled” (I would wear a line of clothing with this mantra!) Other tracks such as “Heaven”, “Good Bye Baby”, and “Hell No” have the same soulful melodies through the 9 track album.

In conclusion, if you need a powerful reminder of your strength and purpose,  download “The Revolution Has Come” immediately.  If you need to take a moment to vibe to a soulful melody and momentarily forget about the stress of the work week, download “The Revolution Has Come”.  If you need to  put on new tunes that remind you of the old fashion jams of your grandmother’s church choir, download “The Revolution Has Come”.  If you do anything after reading this review, it should be downloading “The Revolution Has Come”.

Thank you to Rev. Sekou and The Holy Ghost for creating a timeless masterpiece that ignites our generation to be better, dream bigger, and fight harder for our own revolution.




Author: Lexi Butler

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