Burpees Galore

Happy Friday wellness warriors! Today I’ve put together a workout for you to “enjoy” full of burpees! Why? Because, BURPEES. Whether you love them or hate them (let’s be honest, you hate them), there is no denying that this is an incredibly effective total body toner and cardio move. Looking to improve your fitness? Do burpees. Want to incinerate calories? Do burpees. ┬áThe more muscles you engage at once during a workout, the more calories you will burn in the short and long term. Add cardio on top of that and you’ve got one killer workout.

If you complete this entire workout, you’ll do 50 burpees along with a total body strength routine. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be effective and I guarantee you’ll be drenched in sweat. If you’re a beginner, cut the reps for the burpees in half and you’ll still get a great workout!

Burpee Workout.jpg


Not familiar with some of the exercises? Take a look at the videos below. Pay attention to the form cues so that you can perform the moves safely and correctly.


Modified Burpee – Beginners click here!

Tricep Dip

Bicep Curl

Chest Press

Bent Row

Shoulder Press

Bicycle Crunch


Walking Lunge

Now, take this workout to the gym and get after it!

Look out for my Fitbit part 2 review coming soon.

Author: Keisha Frazier

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