Count Your Pennies: Always Have A Goal

We all know my personal spending habits have gotten exponentially better since my college days.  While I can contribute this to so many things (read my many tips and tricks here), there is one tip that trumps them all – HAVE A GOAL IN MIND!

Young professionals (should) have so many goals in our lives right now. But always saving for something tangible will help you be conscious of your spending.  About 14 months ago, I  put my savings effort into paying off my car.  (This was my first real financial goal!).  I actively looked for a side hustle for about 4 months that would allow me to stay focused on my day job and make some more cash on the side for my car.  By January 2014, I began tutoring a handful of hours on weekends. All of my tutor paychecks go to my car, unless an emergency or something extravagant pops up like the holiday shopping!

Even with my second job, I noticed a huge difference in my approach to my savings! I began to take my lunch to work more, stay away from frivolous shopping, and just make better money decisions.  While my bank account has another year to be divorced from Honda Financial Services, I am very proud of my progress and I am already planning for the next big finance goal!

What are your finance goals? Just make sure it is something tangible and important enough for you to think about your credit card swiping activities.  My friends financial goals include house buying, baby preparing, vacationing, and student loan freedom.

Happy Penny Counting!

Author: Lexi Butler

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