Count Your Pennies: Ba Hum Bug

The holiday season is officially here and I am so excited! The holidays are actually my favorite time of year! But it is so easy to get swept away with holiday music, your favorite stores emailing you 24/7, and the fabulous parties.  Since I graduated college, I have always been very good at saving for the holidays but when January rolls around, I am always on the struggle bus trying to re-fill the bank account.


Lord, Bless It (3)

But that habit is no more! I think we get caught up in the holidays, that we forget life continues after New Year’s Eve! It is important to not only save for holiday splurging but to stick to your budget in order for your to return to real life with some (financial) dignity.  For the next two weeks, I am signing up for research studies, tutoring as much as possible, and penny pinching in order to keep my accounts at a certain level.

Here are a handful of recommendations:

– Find extra hours in your side hustle (extra money never hurt anyone)

– Sign up for research studies (It is free money.  Why not get paid to tell someone your opinions?)

– Stop spending money. Period.

– Only buy items that are needed.  Remember, needs/wants are different.

Good Luck!

Much Love,
Lexi B


Author: Lexi Butler

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