Count Your Pennies: How To Find Your Inner Hustla


The best way to become financially stable and independent faster is by adding more money to your bank account.  But that is so much easier said than done.  The best tip I can give is ignite your inner hustler as soon as possible.  Even after you have started a small gig on the side (baking cupcakes, tutoring, DJing, bar tending, etc), there are also other ways to make money and still have time for you!

I do a quick scan of craigslist at least twice a week and focus on the “Part Time”, “ETC”, and “Gigs” sections of my area. While there are some sketchy posts (peep the ones about girlfriends for hire, etc), you can find some very unique and easy money making gems.  Just last week, I got paid $200 to write 60 thank you cards for a local boutique.  Writing thank you cards in my best hand writing while watching Sex and The City during the weekend sounds great to me!

Regardless of the random jobs you select on Craigslist, remember to be safe!  Not everyone on craigslist has you best interest at heart, so choose wisely! But working for your dreams – professionally, personally, and/or financially- requires some creative skills and lots of hard work.




Happy Money Making!



Author: Lexi Butler

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