Day 145: When You Laugh So Hard No Noise Comes Out

Editor’s Note: Dear Life is back! Life permitting—Bisi let’s us glimpse at the physical, mental and emotional challenges of endeavoring a professional dream. She hopes her real-life struggles might inspire others to take risks for their dreams.


It’s been awhile friends!

These past few months have been like going to Disney World for a day: when there are highs, they’re greater than great, but the lows just make you want to throw a very, public tantrum. The fine-tuned juggling act of profession, other profession, personal care and personal growth became nearly impossible. I was dying to press reset, but there was very little time.

New position. No time to reset.finger

End of a relationship. No time to reset.

Getting back into rugby. No time to reset.

Rugby tournaments GALORE! No time to rest.

Fractured a finger. Only the finger got reset.

Making time for my family. No time to reset.

Finding a new apartment in the Bay Area. No time to reset.

Making time for friends so they don’t think I’m the worst. No time to reset.

Volunteering in the community andchurch. No time to reset.

Lift, sprints, PRACTICE, repeat! No time to reset.

Nevertheless, Life is a wonderful teacher. If you don’t make time to reset, Life will go ahead and take a timeout for you. Fortunately—perhaps unfortunately depending on whom you ask—, I’m a student that learns best from making mistakes.

I got sick, ER sick. Imagine someone twice your weight sitting on your chest, while you try to cough but can’t. You have fever, chills, body aches and you may or may not be hallucinating. Oh, and you’re vomiting every few hours.

Life hit the reset button so hard it broke.

I was eventually able to shake the superinfection and got an earful from family and friends alike for not asking for help. During one of these earfuls, I was reminded about saying how I felt like things had been moving too slowly way back when in February. Before I knew it, I was laughing (and wheezing) so hard tears were rolling down my face and no noise was coming out. Oh, the irony! I certainly got what I wished for and so much more.

So what did Life teach me? There is no shame in taking a personal break.

Taking a break doesn’t make you any less of an ambitious person.

Taking a break doesn’t mean you lack passion.

Taking a break doesn’t mean you want your dream any less than the next person.

Taking a break doesn’t mean that you’re a quitter.

The point is taking a break on your own time is more controllable, than letting stress catch up to you when you least want it to, such that it takes control of your pursuits out of your hands. For all you A-types like me, you know that’s not something you ever want to relinquish.

The best part about taking a break is coming out of the blocks ready to crush all the hurdles in your way. Your physical endurance once again matches the passion you’ve had all along. Personally, that first moment back after a break makes me giddy and sorry for whoever is coming up against me; it’s how I imagine superheroes feel under all the rubble when their foes think they’ve been vanquishedbuy padded sumo wrestling suits:

Teeheehee. Teeheehee.
I’m not dead. I’m just recharging. You’re about to get the worst a—whoopin of your life, when I superpunch through these measly bricks of cement.

So here’s to feeling like Superwoman again!


Author: Bisi Ibrahim

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