Diary of A Young Pro: Vidhi Agrawal

1)Where are you located?Vidhi 1
San Francisco

2) How old are you?

3) What is your job title?
I am a pricing manager at Splunk.

4) How has the transition been from backpack to briefcase (college to adulthood)?
I would summarize the transition in one word – exhilarating. I’ve lived in 4 different cities on 2 continents. I’ve always done things that not only excite me but also pose a challenge. Unlike other people my age, I’ve always made life choices that excited me. I tried a bunch of different things in university – from studying political science and sociology, to interning at India’s leading television news agency, to almost becoming an investment banker at HSBC in London. I gave every opportunity a fair shot and never confined myself to stereotypes. Finally I ended up working at a start-up where I learned some strong career related life-lessons that still hold today. Don’t take any job too lightly and always work with people smarter than you.

5) When you were in school, did you imagine your life the way that it is?
Like most teenagers I wasn’t very sure what I wanted to do or where I would as an adult. I was trying different academic things and interned at a variety of places. While I didn’t know my specific path, I’ve always been very confident about my abilities and I always knew I would be doing something I loved.

6) What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced during these transitional years?
Luckily for me the biggest challenges have been  anxiety around making the right career choices. As a younger professional, I was solely making decisions based on things that excited me. Now it’s more about finding challenging things within my specialty of expertise which can be constraining.

7) What is the best advice you have received from a mentor about adulthood and/or careers?
No job is too small! I have seen very successful CEOs hand out fliers at events. Also, work with people who are smarter than you.

8) What advice would you give a young professional?
It is very important to never play to stereotypes. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT! You will be surprised by how many people you may scare and also impress.

9) What is next for you and the next 12 months? Do you have any goals you would like to accomplish? How are you going to accomplish them?
I just moved to a new job in a new industry and it is a very interesting and enriching space to be in. The goal to learn the business. Having been solely focused on my career for the past 9 years, it is now time to think about my personal development. I plan to do this by going to go back to school, learning a new language and making new friends.          

10) What makes you special?
I think what makes me “me” is my ability to take on opportunities and make the best of them. I might not be the smartest person in the world, nor the richest, but that’s not a truth that’ll hold me down. I am a go getter.



Author: Lexi Butler

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