How to be a Successful NGU (Non-Grown Up) Part IX : Just Do it Yourself


In this magical land where commercials pop up every time you look at a TV, phone or computer for more than 3 minutes, it’s easy to start to think: “There has to be a better way!” and that better way comes sealed in plastic for $9.99 and up.  So why bother doing anything any other way? Because sometimes it’s actually better to do some things yourself.  That’s why sports-athletes play sports themselves instead of paying someone to take over.

Things you can easily figure how to make on your own:

  • A bird feeder (Kids do it all the time, see Part 5 Love Animals)
  • A garden (see what real food looks like)
  • Art
  • A meal (Google your favorite restaurant recipe and enjoy)
  • Birthday cards & wrapping paper
  • Big fake Bigfoot tracks in the forest
  • Podcasts, games, comics, blogs & anything your freaking want!

There has to be a better way! And if you try, sometimes you might just find… It’s your way*. If you find yourself criticizing something to the point of anger or depression, then that might mean it’s your turn. For example, a movie might have so many “problems” that you can do nothing but think of ways to “fix” every movie you see. Then do it. Make that movie and sadly, with trying comes criticism from others. Most gifts come with curses. If you prefer to hate furniture, then make your own chair. A lot less people have to get involved than you think to make a movie and if it works out you can sit like a king on your throne of accomplishment.

*Whispered by Angels

Don’t be a slave to pre-made. Be aware of the frozen food nation of pre-packaged pre-assembled pre-apocalyptic disposable children of the extra salty corn. It’s Okay to learn and learning to be self-sufficient is a great way to keep you self-preserved. Not to get too scary, but the movie you’re going to make is probably about an alien apocalypse, or a robot or zombie apocalypse. So how many drive-thrus will be open in the post-apocalypse? Like six… maybe eight, either way it’s not enough. I’ve never started a fire with sticks, but I’m sure I should learn how.

If you can make it yourself, you beat the system. Saves money, last longer, more points in the game of- You VS the Government, or laziness… or maybe You VS the Zombies. Regardless of your game, it’s just true that real homemade macaroni and cheese* is more amazing than any blue box and simulated sauce jumping castle to buy

*Not tolerant of cheese? Imagine a personal poem written from the heart VS a store-bought card that says, “You make me feel romantic” with no signature.

Tips for learning to make things yourself:

1 If you think you could do better. Go ahead. No one’s stopping you.
2 Google a Youtube video! Or Yell at a Siri. In the future* the answers are just waiting for your questions like Alex Trebek.
3 Watch Downton Abby they made everything back then.

*The Future was like… eleven years ago




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Author: Grown Up Truth team

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