How to be a Successful NGU (Non-Grown Up) Part VII:Love Color


What colors are you wearing? Beige is not a color! (It is a tint to be specific.) We want you to LOVE color in it’s purest form. Love all the colors of nature. Stop buying only black or white cars and every shade of beige houses. I’m getting lost in your neighborhoods. Is it the Ecru duplex or the Khaki bungalow? Stop wearing bland clothes and fading into the bland walls of bland places Mr. Blanderson. Express yourself and enjoy the color around you. Yes you will have to be creative (see part III) and that is the fun part! Where can you infuse color?

Ways to bring color into your life:

  • Wear Colorful Clothes, and if you can’t – wear colorful socks!
  • Decorate your home with color! Can’t paint the walls-Get colorful pillows!
  • Paint your nails/hair/lips/eyes/skin with color
  • Put stickers on everything
  • Get colorful office supplies if you work in an office, (but quit soon, that sounds too much like you’re pretending to be a ‘grown up’)
  • Eat colorful food! Especially fruits & veg, but cupcakes work too J

Don’t limit yourself by picking teams! Pink is for girls & blue is for boys or some such nonsense-is just that, nonsense! Colors are for everyone, all colors.  Mixing up the colors is even better! If you think you might be bad at mixing colors, don’t worry! As long as you like it, that is all that matters! Giving meanings to colors is also crazy, like wearing plaid after Labor Day or green is for hobos, colors can mean things, but only the meanings we give them. If colors make you feel good that is all you need to know.

Colors are fun. Do you feel more at ease talking to Don with only yellow post it notes or Susan who color codes all her post its? Well Don is also a pervert, but his bland post it note choices don’t help.  Colors are FUN and FUN people use color! Think about colorful things- rainbows, the circus, clowns –(they’re scary & terrifying! But it can be fun to be scared) a salad, carnival, cartoons, Legos, even people!  Colorful things are so much more fun than colorless things- taxes, bills in envelopes, granny panties, plain spaghetti noodles, backgrounds of websites, prison uniforms, you get the picture.

Don’t be a colorist. This means that your day could be ruined by a color! The old Green Lantern used to be vulnerable to the color yellow and that’s the lamest weakness ever! Being colorist is choosing to have the lamest weakness ever; you might as well be Aquaman. The only good super power Aquaman has is matching his shirt with his pants Green and orange look superb together! All colors are awesome, so give them a chance. Also allow yourself to change your mind. Colors come in so many shades and tints that there is bound to be one you like!

Tips for using color:
1 Mix colors together, as many as you feel comfortable with.
2 Bring color into your life whenever you can.
3 Don’t let any pretend grown up influence your love of color! They are just jealous, I mean look at you, you are absolutely glowing with colors!


No Such Thing as Grown Ups is your podcast survival guide to the Pre-Apocalypse. NGU(non-grownup) Gurus Curtis Carey & Tara Audibert have figured out there’s no grown ups and want to help you live life to the fullest while preparing for the worst! Get more advice & teachings for NGU’s via podcast, comics, blog rants, animations, puppetry and videos at our website and follow us on twitter for frequent updates.

Author: Grown Up Truth team

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