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How To Be A Successful NGU (Non Grown Up) The Finale: Be Helpful, Encouraging and Grateful


Saying please and thank you, I have found, is sincerely lacking in pretend grown ups. And yet these same people would never let their kids get away with it. I have spent my life wondering when I will become a grown up, and I am so glad that I never did! I never unlearned all the things I was taught as a child. To ‘Give a hoot and don’t pollute’, to share, help those in need, and to say thank you! These are hardwired into every kid, but at some point those kids give up trying and I think that is when all that is left is to pretend to be a grown up.  There is hope! Do not give up, ‘do not go gentile into that good night, Rage, rage against the dying of the light!’ –I know people say Dylan Thomas was talking about growing old, but I think he was talking about grown ups!

How you can kill life em’ with kindness (and it works):

  • (Practice not having bitchy resting face).
  • Guide discussions around positive things you like, not what is poopy.
  • Make colorful art and give it away. (It doesn’t have to be a Rembrandt)
  • Tell people you appreciate, that you appreciate them.
  • Say you are sorry when you hurt someone, even if you are embarrassed.
  • Say “HOW” can I help? Instead of just “can?”
  • Tell someone what a good job they are doing or did.

What is LOVE? Baby don’t hurt me…no more. Ok seriously though it’s the strongest power in the universe for 1000$ Alex! There is nothing you can’t do, and when you tell others they can too, there is nothing that we can’t accomplish together! For some reason misery loves company, (still love). That doesn’t mean you have to give in. Giving in to negative ideas, or lazy why bother attitudes of others is easy, you just go ‘yeah you’re right’. BUT to change someone’s mind you need to empower them. This is very hard, as it needs to be constant and consistent.  The only way to do it is to practice everyday yourself and lead by example. Hmm just like any lesson in school-practice makes perfect.  Practice being happy and healthy everyday and this love for yourself will spread, because even though misery loves company, LOVE is contagious and doesn’t even need physical contact-though it is not unwelcome (just ask first).

Stop being jealous of others and start making them jealous of you! Everyone has problem, yes even NGU’s, but it is how we let these problems effect our lives that is the difference.  What ever it is you want, go look for it, if it doesn’t exist-make it.  There is nothing that anyone has that you can’t have too, but you need to decide what it is you want 1st-that is the hard part. Once you know what you want, find it and work towards making it happen. (Since it’s something you want, the physical activities you do to achieve it should be like play-this is where happiness comes from shhhhhhh it’s a secret). AND once you know what you want, you can be happy for the successes of other, not regard them as some sort of reflection of your failures. By encouraging others, you will also allow yourself to be encouraged. The truth of everything adults say is that they are actually talking to themselves. When they say you shouldn’t do something or you can’t do something, it’s usually because THEY can’t. When you start telling others they can-you start to know-if they can, YOU can too! And guess what YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

It is easy to be a Grown up. Always say ‘No’, tell others they ‘can’t and when asked if you ever say ‘I never have and I never will’.  It may be more difficult at first to be a NGU, but like anything with practice & play it becomes so much easier! You can do it! We do it everyday. Everyday we are opposed, but everyday we also gain more friends. So go forth into that good night and RAGE RAGE against the dying of the light-say ‘YES’, ‘I can, and you can too’, I always have and I always will.

Tips for Being a Successful Non-Grown Up:
1 You are the only YOU there is, and YOU can do anything!
2 What you say to others you have to hear too. Make it good.
3 Be grateful for all you have & by the Power of Grayskull, I mean the laws of attraction, bounty will be yours. This is the true secret to happiness-Practice it everyday and you can’t go wrong fellow NGU!




No Such Thing as Grown Ups is your podcast survival guide to the Pre-Apocalypse. NGU(non-grownup) Gurus Curtis Carey & Tara Audibert have figured out there’s no grown ups and want to help you live life to the fullest while preparing for the worst! Get more advice & teachings for NGU’s via podcast, comics, blog rants, animations, puppetry and videos at our website and follow us on twitter for frequent updates.


Author: Lexi Butler

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