How To: Keep Moving While Sick


We have all been there!  That time when you go to sleep with a small cough and wake up with a throbbing headache or a sore throat.  You think about calling in sick but then you realize that you have a huge presentation due or an important meeting that was planned months in advance. Your manager and HR rep would advice you to stay at home but you understand the pressure of adulthood and that (sometimes) you have to push yourself to the limit.

I would never advocate someone to keep going when they are sick, but I am also not going to pretend that I stop the hustle when I feel under the weather. Here are my tips on how to stay on top when you feel horrible:

1) Drink Up
Gaterade, Pressed Juices, Hot tea, and orange juice are your besties! Obviously, you heard your pediatrician at some point give you the same advice.  But you are an adult now so you need to actually follow instructions! (Especially, if you are trying to hide the germs in your upcoming board meeting).  Drink up peeps!

2) Up The Meds
Everyone has that one medication that anchors them throughout their sickness.  For me, it is NyQuil. Because Nyquil is a “sleepy inducing” drug, I do not advice taking it throughout the day.  I do stock up on Emergen-C as it is full of vitamin C and you can drink it hot or cold.

3) Make a Plan
You are sick; therefore, you do not have the patience to deal with anything other than the important tasks at hand.  Send your manager a quick note to explain that you are in the office to complete your task and then you are going home. Now, stick to the plan.  Be as efficient as possible!

4) Crash
Once you have have successfully completed your action items, take your “go to” medication and go to sleep.  Wrap yourself in the biggest blanket, turn off all technology, and just sleep.

It is easy for ambitious Millennials to be on auto-pilot and forget to take care of themselves.  But your crazy lifestyle and busy schedule will catch up to you as it did me last week.  Between an intense travel schedule, article deadlines, and a visit back home, my body just stopped working for about 2 days.  I thought the world was going to collapse if I did not keep pushing through my sickness. Instead, I just got sicker and sicker and finally just took a break.  Here is the good news: My break did NOT equal the ending of my world.  I had to move some deadlines and send out some “This Will Have To Wait Until Tomorrow Due To My Illness” emails, but there were no hard feelings.  Remember that working hard is not the same as working yourself to the ground.

Take care of yourself and remember to take a step back, when necessary. Everything will be ok.

Much Love,
Lexi B


Author: Lexi Butler

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