Indulge in Italy

Name: William Lefferts
Age: 22
City Residence: Marseille, France
Occupation: English Learning Assistant
Why did you choose to visit Italy:
I’ve always wanted to visit Italy–especially the Bay of Naples. I was living in Marseille and my family came to visit me so we took a week to go explore Italy. My mom is really interested in Pompeii and the surrounding area so we made that the focal part of the first half of the trip. After that, we spent a little more time relaxing in Sorrento and went to the island of Capri.

1  The Blue Grotto of Capri! The water is lit by the reflection of sunlight on the limestone seafloor. We were given a short tour by a man who wouldn’t take the hint that we wanted him to stop singing at us.

2 These are some of the amazing rock formations along the coast of Capri
It is tradition to kiss someone while going through the arch.

334 A view of the Mediterranean Sea around Capri from the top of Mount Salero.

5 The ski lift down from the top of Mount Salero on Capri

6Pic 8The boating docks at Herculaneum (Ercolano).
Over 300 people were killed during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 C.E.

IMG_3470The Roman Colosseum

9 Colosseum in Pompeii

IMG_3005 Pompeii


10 Naples


Author: Grown Up Truth team

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