Indulge: Bali, Malaysia, Mumbai, Oman

Name: Cesar Jesena
Age: 29
City Residence: New York
Occupation: Currently Funemployed
Why did you choose to visit these places:
The plan was to embark on own version of “Eat, Pray, Love” as I try to strive for personal development. I bought a one way ticket out of New York in January 2014 to Mumbai, then figured out everything as I went along. Oman just came out as a last minute trip, which ended up becoming the best random decision I made.

bali Bali

bali 2Bali

bali 3Bali


malaysia 2Malaysia

malaysia 3Malaysia

malaysia 4Malaysia

mumbai 2Mumbai

mumbai 5Mumbai

mumbai 6Mumbai

mumbai 7 Mumbai

mumbai 9 Mumbai

mumbai Mumbai

oman 5 Oman


oman 3Oman

oman 2 Oman

Author: Grown Up Truth team

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