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If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone say “I don’t see color when I see you” (either to me directly or to someone else) I’d probably be apart of Drake’s OVO fam and sitting in on board meeting with Zuckerberg. But unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. More often than not, people don’t understand that being different is okay, we don’t all have to be the same. You can accept that someone is a different color than you without being called a racist. It’s just a matter of understanding.

This is where Project Power comes in. Instead of just pointing out the differences between us, let’s try to understand them and celebrate them! For example, everyone celebrates “National Cookie Day” but did you know that there is a Native American Appreciation Month? (IMPORTANT: Project Power is not limited to understanding race, there are many other things that make an individual different – education level, Sexual Orientation, etc.)

This column’s mission is NOT to call out people that don’t understand, it is to spread knowledge and understanding.

It is also important that you know:

I’m not writing to preach, I’m writing for two reasons only:

  1. To expand my knowledge
  2. To share it.

Now, I know I haven’t given you a lot of details on Project Power. But that’s just how I like it! I want to keep you all guessing! Trust me, it’s all part of the plan!

Alright folks, this is Sena signing off, but before I leave you just remember…This stuff can’t be learned from a textbook but it can be learned through interaction and an open mind! So let’s embark on this journey of knowledge!


Please send me an email at projectpower@grownuptruth.com if you have any questions, comments, and great ideas on how we can showcase diversity and individuality on our online community!

Author: Sena Absar

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