Living for Today

I once knew a man who changed my entire perspective on life.  This man came off extremely confident when I first met him; almost arrogant to be completely honest. Before he became a dear friend of mine, I prejudged him without realizing that this particular individual held a deep power to make me appreciate my life. 

As I began to hold a deep conversation with him, he opened up to me about his battle with cancer.  I would have never known that this overly confident person on the outside was fighting for his entire life on the inside.  He told me about his fears and his struggles. He told me about his regret for not really living.  He was an extremely successful man who spent his entire life working and saving; little did he know cancer was awaiting him. While he was so busy working, cancer was just sitting there waiting to take over his life.  

This man wanted to live; he wanted some more time because he spent most of his life not living.  Once I heard his pain, I felt saddened, crushed that it takes something so tragic to make one want to live again.  Why couldn’t he have that desire before he heard the clock ticking, why now, I asked myself?

Truthfully, I feel that most of us live in the exact same way that this special person lived.  We work, we save, and we hope that our future will hold a deep meaning, a purpose, and like magic, we will be filled with happiness and love.  Unfortunately, we forget one key concept: living.  Life is not what happens tomorrow or the sorrows that took place yesterday, it’s right now; it’s in this very moment. 

We are so used to yesterday that we may feel like tomorrow will just be given to us. But what if tomorrow was our last tomorrow?  How would we spend those last living moments if we knew that information?  Where would we go, and more importantly, who would we spend it with? 

I like to believe that no matter what I feel at this very moment, I am completely in love.  I am in love with life.  No matter how heavy my heart may seem at times, I am so desperately in love with everything that this life has given me including that one man I once knew.


My friend passed away a few days ago, yet I was so busy working that I forgot to check on how he was doing.  The very same lesson he once taught me was forgotten because like him, I forgot to live.  I cannot promise that I will remember his face every morning, but I am blessed enough to wake up, and I can promise to remember him when I forget what truly makes me happy.  My family and friends are my everything.  It shouldn’t take a dying soul to remind us what it is all about, but we are only human, and at times, we get lost, but we can also find our way again if we remember to live right now, this very second. 

Author: Svieta Ishchenko

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