Monday Memo: Lexi B’s Super Bowl 39 Lessons Learned

If you are living in the United States and you didn’t watch Super Bowl 39 last night, then I just don’t know what you are were doing all night.  Between the twitter chats, the memes, the Facebook posts, it was all about football – all day!

Shall we do a quick re-cap?

First Quarter: Patriots VS Seahawks tie 0-0

Second Quarter: Patriots make some moves but Seahawks come back at the last second of the clock 14-14

Third Quarter: Patriots look concerned and Seahawks take it to the win 14-24

Fourth Quarter: Game gets close when Patriots score another touchdown and Seahawks make a horrible play 28-24

But what can millenials learn from this experience? How can you utilize one of USA’s most popular holidays? The life lesson is below:

As much as some of us may not want to admit it, there will be times in life (professionally and privately) where you will make a bad call.  You will have your Seahawks Pete Carroll moment and lead a very strong and hardworking team to defeat. No one is perfect and we can’t make perfect plays every time.

But how do you bounce back after your bad call?

The first step is acknowledging your mistake to yourself and to your followers. A great leader is one that celebrates the wins and stands strong during the losses.

Secondly, learn from the mistake.  What will you do next time? How will you be better?

Thirdly, just be better.  Never be the leader that has to make the same mistake multiple times.  Practice harder and never forget that there will always ben another opportunity to show your greatness.

I hope everyone has a productive February!  Stay focused, be patient, and have some fun.

Much Love,

Lexi B

Author: Lexi Butler

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