Monday Memo: November 2015

Happy November (1)

November is an interesting time of the year.  Between board meetings, job projects, airline bookings, and parties, there is so much to be done before the last month of 2015 hits! Here are my inspirational tips to have a productive schedule during this busy time of year.

Professional Life

  • List Making Changes Lives: I am a strong supporter of list making! Take some time this week to write down all of the goals that you want to accomplish before the year is over. Then, highlight the goals that you can complete by the end of this month. Make sure to hang your list somewhere that you can glance at it daily to keep you on track.
  • Schedule A Review: It is time to have that possibly uncomfortable talk.  As year end approaches, schedule 30 minutes with your manager and ask for feedback about your performance.  It is sometimes difficult to ask for critiques but this is a great way to learn about your strengths and better understand how you can improve.  Your improvement in the beginning of 2016 could influence your next salary increase or bonus!

Personal Life

  • Count Your Coins: While the holiday season is my favorite time of year, my bank account dreads it. It is common to spend more money between 11/1 and 12/31.  Millennials, please be mindful of your spending and think of creative ways to make some extra coins.  Maybe add 3 more hours to your weekly side hustle, sign up for focus groups, or just take your lunch to work.  You want to have fun this season, but you don’t want to break your finances indulging.
  • Holiday Planning: The sooner you make your plans for the upcoming holidays, the better for your bank account!  Decide on Friends-giving locations, travel times, and PTO.  These plans will help you keep track of your coins as well.
  • Have Fun: Sometimes, we get so stuck on money saving and job advancements that we do not take the time to just enjoy the moment.  Please have a great time this November and remember that your stress levels should never come in between your happiness.

Happy November!

Much Love,
Lexi B


Author: Lexi Butler

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