New Year, New Gym Goals

We have all heard it before and we have all probably said it to ourselves before – “Gosh, I need to go to the gym but I just don’t feel like it right now.”  Then we wake up 4 weeks later knowing that our boy has yet to see a stationary bike.  While you fitness motivation needs to come from within, I have a handful of tips to help jumpstart your fitness goals.

1) Prepare Your Outfit:  Every night before a workout, I lay my gym clothes out on the coach and set my alarm. When I wake up, it is the first thing to see.  Have your water bottle filled and ready in the fridge (I LOVE cold water during a workout.  I usually fill my water bottle with ice the night before and let it sit in the fridge). If you enjoy working out after work (or school), make sure to pack all of your necessities and take them with you.


2) Financially Check Yourself: Every time I talk myself out of a workout, I always think about the money am wasting.  Gym memberships, personal training sessions, and workout classes cost money.  When I think about the money I am spending on these things, I kick my butt into workout mode!  Wasting coins is the worst.


3) Remember Your Health Goals: Some people go to the gym to lose weight, others want to gain muscle.  Regardless of your reasons, remind yourself of them.  Each time you complain, remind yourself of your goal.


4) Drag A Friend: Whenever I get in a gym rut, I call my friend Bisi.  She is training for the Olympics so she is always at the gym.  She usually brings me back to reality.  I advice to find a gym buddy or at least someone you can call to motivate you!  Never feel alone during this process.


Happy Sweating!


Author: Grown Up Truth team

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