POLAROID: Courtney Yeager


Age: 24
Job: Recruiter
Location: Bay Area

  • Favorite item of clothing in my closet: That’s a toughie! I’m attached to so many different pieces and my favorite changes daily. Right now I’m really loving my Baroque lace tops from Express (in black and white) – they go with just about anything, and they look really cute under a blazer!


  • The nickname my friends have for me is: Court. Haha, that’s about as creative as it gets…perhaps my new last name will spark some new ones!


  • Favorite pair of shoes are: My gold, sparkly flats from J.Crew that I wore at my wedding. They’re so comfortable, and definitely a conversation starter. It’s fun to wear something a little out of the norm.


  • When I wake up in the morning, I always do these three things: Hit the snooze button, hit it again, and check the weather so I know what to wear!


  • If I could pick two people to have dinner with, dead or alive, they would be: My late grandmother, whose life story is the most inspiring thing I’ve ever heard .  I wish I could have heard more before she passed . Also, Jenna Lyons, the founder of J.Crew. She’s built an incredible brand, and I’d love a peek into her daily life (though figuring out what to wear to that dinner date would be HARD!


  • My favorite thing to do on a Friday night is: Dinner dates with my husband and our families or our friends…or everyone all at once! Wine always included. 😉


  • The best compliment I’ve ever received was: I have a huge heart and I’m good at giving advice and cheering people up. I couldn’t be more thankful to hear that.


  • I’m addicted to: Taking photos. My family and friends (and my husband gets the brunt of it) totally rag on me for taking pictures of EVERYTHING…but they’ll thank me one day when we can re-live those moments!


  • My most embarrassing moment is: Ugh, as someone who is NOT the most graceful person on the planet, I’ve had PLENTY of embarrassing moments…I spill on myself a lot, I trip often, and I don’t blame my friends when they pretend they don’t know me walking down the street.


  • The most important lesson in life I’ve learned is: Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best: “to know that even one life has breathed a little easier because you have lived, that is to have succeeded”. And ever since reading that years ago, I’ve tried to make it my life goal. It’s important to me to always be a little kinder than necessary. People don’t often forget how you make them feel, and if I can make someone feel even a little bit better, it’s worth it.


  • My favorite thing about my job is: My co-workers! They keep me laughing and motivated all day. Also, as a recruiter, I love making someone’s day when we offer them a job. I feel like I’m making a difference in their life.


  • The best gift I’ve ever received was: My little sister. She’s the gift that keeps on giving…thanks, Mom & Dad!


  • My favorite store is: J.Crew or Anthropologie


Author: Melanie Barboza

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