POLAROID: Krystal Knight

The Feisty House

Age: 29
Job: Public Health Professional and freelance blog content developer and manager at BLOG & COMPANY
Location: Brooklyn, NY

  • The nickname my friends have for me is: Kooskoos. It’s a play on “couscous.” And it’s a very long story.
  • When I wake up in the morning, I always do these three things: Stretch, pray, and make a mental to-do list. 
  • If I could pick two people to have dinner with, dead or alive, they would be: Harriet Tubman and my great-grandmother. 
  • My favorite thing to do on a Friday night is: Spend quality time with my fiance.
  • The best compliment I’ve ever received was: “Your blog inspires me.”
  • I’m addicted to: Cake. And doughnuts. And cheese danishes. And cheese. And butter. And dessert wine. 
  • My most embarrassing moment is: Ha! My actual most embarrassing moment is super private, but it’s hilarious. A close second would be when I tried to join a dance troupe in college and had to choreograph (and then perform!) my own dance. It was such an utter failure. I get embarrassed just thinking about it now!
  • The most important lesson in life I’ve learned is: God is not a genie. It’s not His job to make good things happen for us out of thin air. This life is difficult, and bad things happen that aren’t God’s fault. Our purpose is to accept that, continue to have faith in God, and continue to love other people.
  • My favorite thing about my job is: I’m becoming an expert in the field of public health and aging. And my favorite thing about freelancing is that I’m able to use my love for blogging to make some income and help small businesses show their personalities and connect with their customers.
  • The best gift I’ve ever received was: (1) from my Dad, a photo of myself when I was almost two, on which he’d written a note to me. I read that note for the first time last year. (2) A nameplate of my name in Hebrew, from my fiance.
  • My favorite store is: ZARA. ALWAYS ZARA.



Author: Melanie Barboza

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