POLAROID: Matthew Anderson


Age: 26
Job: Medical Student
Location: Connecticut



  •  Favorite item of clothing in my closet: My bow-tie that my friend Vanessa got me for my birthday


  • The nickname my friends have for me is: matteo, matty, matties anderseth (My Elfin Name)


  • Favorite pair of shoes are: My New York Boot Company brown Oxfords! Perfect shoe for all occasions!


  • When I wake up in the morning, I always do these three things: Say my prayers, brush my teeth, wash my face


  • If I could pick two people to have dinner with, dead or alive, they would be: Thurgood Marshall and Daniel Hale Williams.


  • My favorite thing to do on a Friday night is: Lay in my bed and watch movies on Netflix


  • The best compliment I’ve ever received was: “I’ve been waiting all day to see your smile,” by one of the patients I was taking care of. She was recovering from a surgery in which a tumor was removed from her brain. I felt so special. :)


  • I’m addicted to: running/working out


  • My most embarrassing moment is: Lawd! Too many to name just one, so I’ll go with the most recent. The other day, I called myself giving some guy at the gym the “sexy eye” while I was going to get different weights and I definitely tripped over weights that were left on the floor that I didn’t see. Needless to say, I didn’t get his number.


  • The most important lesson in life I’ve learned is:  Love yourself and all of the things that make you unique. It makes life a lot more enjoyable.


  • My favorite thing about my job is: I guess job is used loosely here. Haha. At any rate, I love all of the patients that I get to interact with. I love learning peoples’ stories and find it a blessing that I’m able to take care of them at their most vulnerable moments.


  • The best gift I’ve ever received was: My iPad mini that my twin sister got me for my 25th birthday! THE most useful piece of technology I own. I put all of my textbooks on it and when my phone dies, I can text from it! It’s small enough to put in my white coat, yet big enough for me to read my textbooks from. #gamechanger


  • My favorite store is: J. Crew.


Author: Melanie Barboza

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