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It is about that time to make a list of possible accomplishments for the New Year.  Remember, your New Year goals should include personal, financial, and professional goals.  So many times we focus on work and we forget about the other parts of our lives that need growth. We encourage you to develop challenging yet obtainable goals for the New Year and document your success!  Check out these goal tips below:

Personal Goals
Think about all of the things you want to start accomplishing with your personal growth. Some people would like to re-start their love life by attending more events and getting out of the house more on weekends. Maybe you would like to spend more time with your friends and/or join new social groups to meet new people. Whatever your goals are, just make sure they are something that you can do continually.

Professional Goals
You should make two sub categories for this group.  The first sub-category should focus on your current professional position.  The second category should focus on what things you can do to better prepare you for the next position.  What senior executives do you want to start networking with? Who should you have lunch with in the next few months? What professional groups can you join?

Financial Goals
So many young professionals fail to make real steps in their financial future until it is too late.  You need to work on this immediately! We highly encourage you to spend some time finding ways to save more money this year.  What can you erase from the monthly budget to save $100 extra a month?  How is your side hustle going and where are you putting that money?

Find other ways to save your coin this year and make a plan!  Every dollar saved will come to you in the end.  Also make sure to reevaluate your 401k plan! It is always good just to double confirm your retirement.

Author: Grown Up Truth team

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