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Every morning before I can get out of bed, I have to check each social media network I subject myself to. Yes, I set my alarm 15 extra minutes to ensure this is possible. The day I decided to follow District Donuts on instagram, was the day I began waking up to the most unreal, mouthwatering photos of the gargantuan sized donuts they create. I have to apologize to my friends for the amount of screen shots they receive every weekend morning, with the accompanying text saying, “pretty please!?” I’m so thankful I don’t live in the Lower Garden District because it would not be good.

They’re doing some crazy things and I like it. District would never be the contestant on Top Chef that gets sent home for not taking enough risks. Exhibit A: The Pad Thai Donut – Glazed with a Lemon Grass Ginger Peanut Sauce and topped with Toasted Coconut and Candied Cilantro. I wasn’t lucky enough to try this one, but it’s impressive nonetheless. For all you traditional folks out there don’t worry, they still have the all time favorites like glazed, chocolate, cinnamon sugar and jelly filled.

Pad Thai Donut

Pad Thai Donut

Donuts 1

Donut Magic









Fruity pebble donut

Fruity Pebble Donuts


Every Donut Imaginable












So if the size of their donuts don’t throw you for a loop, the concept of the place will. How many donut/slider restaurants have you heard of? Yea, I haven’t heard of any either. As with the donuts, the sliders are above average too. Softshell crab, Bulgogi Beef, BLT, Chicken Liver and Beef Belly are a few that frequent the menu. They are all dressed to perfection too. If I see a BLT on a menu, I usually order it. This was no question at District either, especially when I saw ‘extra thick’ cut Nueske bacon and sriracha mint mayo. The tomato and arugula didn’t hurt either.

slider menu 2



Soft Shell Crab Slider

Soft Shell Crab Slider

Pork Belly Cheese Fries

Pork Belly Cheese Fries













If you go to their website, you’ll see their motto: ‘purveyors of delicious’. And that’s what they are. They are doing donuts and sliders that will rock your socks off. Unlike many restaurants that try to make a whole menu of appetizers and entrees taste and look delicious, District is concentrating on just two things, and their consistency combined with wow-factor, will get them far.The third and final menu item is the brew. They proudly serve 1000 faces coffee and have extensive offerings for those that need a caffeine drip all day, like myself. Their almond milk latte might be my favorite in all the city.

You never know what you’ll find going on in the kitchen at District, which makes it so unique and interesting. It’s absolutely necessary to follow them on social media so you can keep up with what they’re whipping up. Some mornings they’ll be doing breakfast tacos, or maybe you’ll find some pork belly cheese fries. Oh and don’t forget their version of a donut hole, called ‘do-bobs’. They top these babies with all the fixins’ too. But donut worry.. you’ll always be able to find donuts and sliders.




Author: Samantha Navarra

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