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I was chatting with a friend a couple of days ago about how our real lives do not compare to the lives of these 20-somethings on reality television.  I know we should never compare the truth with syndicated television, but it is almost impossible not to wonder why our real lives cannot be somewhat comparable to the fake real lives on TV.  For example,  no one has a Carrie Bradshaw like apartment using their own income.

 Why is it that everyone on all of these shows have lavish closets full of amazing clothes and expensive shoes? How is that these people have dinner outings every other night? Where are these extraordinary money making jobs that allow you to live lives of millionaires and still be a functional responsible adult?

 Here lies the definition of a Side Hustle.  According to modern day slang terminology, a Side Hustle is something you do with your regular day to day financial activities.  The Side Hustle is never a substitute for a real paycheck.  It is an activity that gives you extra cash for personal obligations such as your shoe addiction, student loans, new car note, travel budget, or just your rainy day fund.

 The hard part about a Side Hustle is finding the right Side Hustle for you.  It can sometimes take  months to solidify a constant hustle that works for your lifestyle and schedule. Not everyone can be a weekend babysitter and not everyone has the patience to tutor the local 6 year old in elementary math.  When I first started searching for my Side Hustle, I knew that I did not want to work a part time shift at the mall because I wanted to have some free time to relax and have a social life.  But I knew that I wanted something to help out with my student loans.

 Since Google is our generation’s best friend, I looked up ideas for Side Hustles and it made me think.  Maybe a Side Hustle is not necessarily a job that already exists.  Maybe the best Side Hustles are jobs that you create based on your personal skills and just convince people that they need to pay you for these services.  Just because the job doesn’t exist, does not mean you can’t get paid for it.

 As you continue to search for your Side Hustle, remember that sometimes the best hustles are the ones that are not popular.  After polling many side hustling young professional friends, I realized that many of these part time jobs are not the average jobs.  Working as a financial analyst by day and then party hosting by night is not the usual situation, but if you are good at it and it makes you a couple extra dollars a month, who are we to judge.

 Start looking for something and when in doubt, make something up! You will be surprised what you can encourage people to buy to support your shopping addictions or bills.

 Friends of Grown Up Truth Side Hustle List


Computer Programming

Cupcake Making

Personal Stylist

Personal Shoppers

Make Up Artists


After School Sports Couches

Hair Stylists


Freelance Writers

Party/Wedding Planners

 Much Love,

Lexi B.


Author: Lexi Butler

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