Summer Time Fine!


Summer time is my FAVORITE time of year (not including my birthday month)!   But due to our busy schedules, it is sometimes very difficult for Millennials to actually enjoy this time of year.  Let’s be honest, summer can also be slightly depressing.  For the first 22 years of our lives, summer was considered the premiere time of vacations, play dates, sleepovers, and no responsibilities!   Then we grow up and realize that adulthood comes with no 3 month vacation.  But I refuse to believe that we are not allowed anymore fun after graduation. Millennials, we deserve to have a retro old school style summer full of movies, music, love, travel, and popsicles.  But I hope that between those ice cream truck hangouts and your summer movie list premiere dates, you take the time to better understand yourself.

I always look at the summer as the time to reflect, regroup, and start new habits.  Maybe it is that child in me that used the summer to start a new project or a new fun hobby, but the great weather and the weekend excursions always give me clarity and better understanding of my goals.  the concept of “redefinition” has been roaming around the media for the past year.  Redefining yourself can mean so many things and I hope you begin this month.

Whether it is a new gym regiment, a new hobby, or a trip to the other side of the world, I hope that you can end the summer with depth and not just a long list of “complete”.  Use the great weather and extra time to spend real time with your friends and family, to resolve issue, and to more importantly find a new sense of happiness within yourself.  This happiness can be something as simple as multiple outings at the nearby movie theater or trying the new local restaurant. (I know, I will  be seeing plenty of summer movies in the next 6 weeks.)  But just remember that this is your time.

As millennials, we sometimes spend so much time making others happy that we forget about our own passions.  Make this summer about you and make sure to turn off the cell phone while doing it.

Much Love,
Lexi B

Author: Lexi Butler

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