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Whenever I travel, one of my favorite things to do is pack.  I know a lot of people hate packing but I find it fun and it forces me to pre-pick outfits. I tend to over pack.. so the first thing I do is pick the outfit that I am going to wear the day I travel. One thing I have learned is even though I want to be comfy and cozy on the plane, I still want to look cute and fashionable. Here are some great items that make traveling chic and easy.
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These blazers from Antropologie are trendy and easy to throw on. You can layer items or play it simple with just a tank or tee. This is also great to have because airports tend to get cold!
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(J Crew)
Keep it simple with a tee or button down shirt. Find a blouse that is loose so you have room to stretch. I like to have a tee underneath a button down. If it gets hot some time during my travel, it’s easy to remove a layer. Plus it’s one less thing to pack!
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(top left to right: Madewell, Nordstrom, Nordstrom, Free People)
If you don’t feel like a t-shirt and jacket, try an oversized sweater! This is easy to throw on and lounge around in. You can find one in a cute print or a cut that fits your style. Sweaters are versitile enough to dress up or dress down. Style it with some eye catching accessories and you are set!
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(Free People and Gap)
Soft pants or joggers as they are called, are totally on trend for this year. It’s the new “cool and relaxed” look. If you style it right, these can look sophisticated and business casual. These are super comfortable and gives you so much free room. Forget about tight skinny jeans on a 5-hour plan ride! With joggers, you can be comfy on the plane and still professional.
Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 9.22.10 PM(Anthropologie)
 Grab a large carry-on bag. Not only is it great for storing items that you may need on the ride, it’s also a great statement piece. If your outfit is feeling plain, add a printed or colored bag. It’s a great pop of color. Here’s a tip: use your bag to carry a change of shoes. On the plane, wear your comfy sneakers or flats. Then when you land, quickly change into those high heels and you are ready to work!  It’s always good to be dressed for all sorts of occasions and these are easy items to put together to complete a cute and cozy outfit, perfect for work and travel. You can dress comfortably and stylish at the same time. Besides, you never know who you might run into at the airport! Safe travels!

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Trisha Hom is a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with a degree in Visual Communications. She has a huge passion for the fashion industry and loves every aspect of it. Trisha is furthering her career path working and focusing on visuals and merchandising. Aside from work, she also runs her own blog, where she shares style photos, trend forecasts and all things fashion. For more, follow her on Instagram .


Author: Grown Up Truth team

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  1. I agree that is better if you pack simple clothes that can be combine with almost everything. If you are packing for business have to choose carefully the clothes and to make sure that they much the dress code that the trip require!

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