Wellness: Crisis Mode

Our country’s in a state of crisis. That is pretty damn clear, no matter what else you may believe about the situation. A crisis, however, can be the catalyst for transformation and change.

That transformation and change isn’t automatic and is most certainly not easy (otherwise, it wouldn’t be a crisis). But a hard-fought journey is as victorious, if not more so, than an easy one.

So as we fight through this crisis, praying or yelling or crying through it all, let’s think back to times in our lives when we faced a crisis and victoriously walked through it to the other side.

Let’s remember the strength that helped us walk through it, and the resolve within that we didn’t even know was there. Let’s recall the unearthed wisdom that became an integral part of our souls.

However you’re feeling, however you’re dealing with it all – it’s OK. We can get through this. We will get through this, together.

Reflection on Times of Crisis

The ability to reflect is one of the most important tools we have as human beings (and it’s free J). Going through crises becomes easier as we’re able to think back on previous times we walked through them and survived. The more success stories our brains recall, the stronger we come to believe in our ability to work though future challenges.

To that end, give yourself about 15 minutes to think about the last time you faced a crisis, big or small. Think about the timeline, generally, with an emphasis on how you felt at every step:

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 7.25.55 AM
Add as much or as little detail as you’d like to those boxes.

Now, for a few minutes, just breathe.   Take this all in. This event is a part of you. It changed you. You may be comfortable with those changes, or you may not. Let whatever you feel about it be OK. If you feel resistant to anything you’re feeling, let that be OK, too.

Look back at the chart and focus on the “after resolution” part. How are you different now because of going through this crisis? What developed within you because of it? What wisdom would you share with your pre-crisis self?

Take a few minutes to write out any key words/ideas that pop up for you. The act of writing down your thoughts is powerful and productive.

As you write, add any thoughts to this final question: what, if anything, are you grateful for with regards to this event?




Author: Amparo Vazquez

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