Where’s Lexi B. ?!? (Part 2)



As many of you know, Grown Up Truth took a break this summer.  It was necessary for the health of the writers, the content, and myself.

During this summer break, I had to take inventory of the commitments in my life.  For Grown Up Truth, the decision was simple. Our online space MUST stay.  While I have always been very honest about the intentions and influence of this candid forum for young professionals, I have never “come clean” about what Grown Up Truth has done for me.

This online initiative was never supposed to be for public consumption.  It started as a simple blogger account that I created to hide the hurt, confusion, and constant irritation of my own transition from college to the real world.  I had started my first job that was much harder than expected, my college boyfriend and I went through a very painful (but private) break up, and most of my friendships had moved to different parts of the world.  I was alone and very much lonely as I sat in my Mountain View, CA apartment.  I had no weekend plans nor did I want to find some.  I started writing my thoughts on a blogger account to let some negativity pass.

The intention was never to open my most personal thoughts to the world.  It was to basically be my own therapist.  But after each random post, there was this overflow of comments from all walks of life saying “I get it.” or “You are not alone.”  Within 6 months, we had an official website, graphics, personal email addresses and all the works that created an authentic online presence.  We grew organically and spread quickly with the purpose to showcase as many candid stories of young professionals as possible. I still kept my tech job because rent needed to be paid, the education loan folk were calling, and I also started developing a serious passion for program management.

For the next two years, I embarked on my next personal struggle – how to find or develop a job that mixes my very creative storytelling side with this new found interest in technology.  This journey ended in March 2016 when I signed with Airbnb.  My new gig has been so life changing and I am grateful that I get to collaborate with some of the most humbling, inspiring, creative and down to earth people while working towards such a dignified mission statement – to make the world a more inclusive place where everyone feels like they belong.

Now that I am settled into the new gig and I have a better understanding of scope and expectations for my role, I am excited to bring Grown Up Truth back with our inspiring stories, candid discussions and thoughtful tips on how to make this young professional life a tad easier.  To say that we missed you is a complete understatement.

I humbly welcome you back to the world of millennial real-isms.

Much Love,
Lexi B.

Author: Lexi Butler

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