Here is a small glimpse of workshops and seminars that we organize and lead. For more information regarding pricing and scheduling, please contact us at  We are always open to new ideas and new topics. Let us know if you would like to create something new for your specific audience.

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The Real World
Your life, your rules!  This 90 minute conversation encourages audience members to take their new freedom and be successful!  With a real and raw dialogue with Lexi B, young professionals will receive tips on interpersonal relationships within the office, how to navigate awkward situations with your co-workers and how to make your current position a positive experience for your future.
Recommended Audience: Twentysomethings
There is a 15 minute pre-homework assignment for each participant. 


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, & The Beautiful: How to Grow Up & Live it Up as A Young Pro
This 90 minute interactive workshop gives audience members an overview of the major changes that happen post graduation life.  Topics include the following: Travel, education, finances, housing, and competition in the market.  There is also a 4 hour version of the seminar which includes breakout sessions and in-depth conversation with Lexi B.
Recommended Audience: 3rd – 4th year College Students


Be Excellent
This 90 minute workshop focuses on the importance of middle and high school students to follow their passions and be their best for their future.  The discussion emphasizes how their current experiences directly effect their college lifestyles. It also gives a real glimpse into the college application process. There is also a 4 hour version of this seminar which includes break out sessions and in-depth conversation with the presenter.
Recommended Audience: Middle – High School Students


The Fashion Toolbox
This 4 hour interactive discussion gives students a glimpse of fashion in the workplace and what to wear to interviews and internships.  It also talks about code switching and how to prepare yourself inside and out for a post high school lifestyle. There is a 1.5 hour compressed version of this seminar.
Recommended Audience: Middle & High School Students 


Style for Style: Twentysomething Edition
This 90 minute interactive workshop focuses on style and current trends.  Our fashion editor will also discuss how to style on a budget, practical packing tricks, and closet must haves for the young professional. This conversation embraces personal style and differing opinions.
Recommended Audience: College Seniors & New Young Professionals


Style for Style: Middle & High School Edition 
This 60 minute conversation encourages audience members to enjoy their style identity as well as be confident in their own unique personality.
Recommended Audience: Middle & High School Students 





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